Bid Writing Course for All Sectors (Beginner – Advance Level)

Bid Writing Course for All Sectors

Bid Writing Course

Regardless of the sector, Bid Writing requires skills and knowledge specific to this subject. Our beginner bid writing course will give you the fundamentals to Bid Writing. Whereas our advanced course will allow you to go further and give you a global understanding on bidding for European and International Contracts or opportunities. This will cover PQQ, e-tendering and open tendering,

Aims and Objectives:

The aim of this bid writing course is to provide learners with an understanding of Bid Writing, and how to win tender. It will also allow you to understand why you failed on previous bids, improve on unsuccessful tenders and improve for new tenders.

Course Delivery:

The course is led by tutor/s presentations linked to various Case Study. This will enable learners to actively participate in their learning experience by working through a generic Bid Writing document covering all the fundamental aspects within a workshop environment.

Duration of Course:

The duration of this course is one-day workshop for beginner’s level and one day for advance level.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the bid writing course, individuals will understand the Bid Writing processes and be acquainted to a well-planned structured approach to include the general terminology used and the financial aspects.

Following successful completion of the course, learner embarking on a career path in Bid Writing will have the necessary knowledge, skills and understand the challenges. Understanding of the integral elements of the various processes.

Audience and who is it for?

The bid writing course is intended to benefit those individuals seeking to understand the working practices of Bid Writing with or without any prior knowledge of the subject matter.

  • For those individuals seeking to improve upon their bid writing skills and those working on the periphery of project.
  • For having a better understanding with a sound working knowledge of the basic principles, terminology used.
  • For those interested in the Bid Writing.

For more information or to enquire about the course you can either phone 029 21 156 603 or email

Online and Zoom-pro based training

We are offering online and Zoom based training as well as our usual classroom courses. Should there be further lockdown restrictions more courses are likely to be done either through Zoom or via online. However as of this moment, we are providing all of our training as normal in classrooms. We are also ensuring that classroom training courses are done in very small numbers of no more than 4. This is so we can not only provide the highest quality of training, but also we ensure everyone’s safety during these times.

Should you be interested in Zoom training you will need to have a PC or laptop and a free Zoom account. If you do not have a Zoom account, we can help you to setup one.