Creative Management

You know you need to do something different. Maybe it’s a new product or service you want to develop, or to develop your strategy. You need to generate ideas, but how do you get people to be creative? You know some of them have good ideas, but they seem reluctant to share them. How can you get them to open up? Is it a management style issue; a company culture issue? Why are some companies turning out new ideas daily, when you don’t seem to get any?

Aim:Computer training and Qualifications

  • The conceptual skills to deal with problems through a different approach
  • Increased individual potential
  • The ability to identify and embrace new opportunities
  • A positive approach to change

We cover the following aspects within this course:

  • Six thinking hats
  • The mindset framework
  • Brainstorming in meetings
  • Mind mapping
  • Reframing
  • Visualisation
  • Left brain/right brain
  • Defining the essence
  • Forecasting the results of change
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