ECDL Testing Facilities


ECDL Testing Facilities

CCW are offering a full examination package for all learners and ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) students. The ECDL is an industry leading qualification for computer proficiency and covers the big three of office productivity, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Many learners are put off by the examination due to the high standard required but our transparent and simple payment plan can help learners to gain accreditation after preparing for their exam.  We have put together a package that is affordable, flexible and focused around assisting learners to pass their exams. As a requirement of the ECDL examination, all learners need to pass a mock examination prior to attempting their actual examination. After passing their exam learners are able to attempt as many of the exam modules as they want. This could mean that a learner attempts all 7 of their exams in a day after passing all of their mock examinations. The only restriction is that learners are only allowed to attempt each exam once per day.

All ECDL Learners Welcome

If you are a learner from another training provider, a self taught learner or if you are one of our students you can undertake your exams with us. All you will need is to register with us or to have a BCS registration number for your ECDL exam. The price list below will show you what your exam will cost and how its payment structure is set out. If you are training with us, your course may come with free examinations, please check with your course administrator.

Price List for ECDL Examination

  • Full ECDL registration  (levels 1 and 2, all 7 modules) £50
  • Level 1 Registration Only £30 (3 Level 1 units)
  • Level 1 Mock Exam £10 (Per failed exam)
  • Level 1 Exam £15 (Per exam)
  • Level 2 Registration Only £30 (4 level 2 Units)
  • Level 2 Mock Exam £15 (per Failed Exam)
  • Level 2 Exam £25 (Per Exam)

These exams are between 45 minutes to an hour each. Learners will need to pass a mock exam of the same duration prior to undertaking an assessment. We offer guidance and assistance throughout the learning process from delivery to certification.

If you have any quires about this course, examination or any other aspect of our training, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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