ILM Training Cardiff Management and Leadership Training (ILM Accredited Centre)

We can now offer ILM Level 2 to 7 qualifications. You can see the courses below:

ILM Training Cardiff – Accredited and Unaccredited Leadership & Management Training (Watch ILM video)

We provide ILM training Cardiff, near the city centre at 5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BD. The Institution of Leadership and Management (i-l-m) is a world-renowned institution and our vocational training programme have been designed to give middle managers the foundation for formal management qualifications and skills. This ILM training Cardiff course is all about securing the future: that of yourself and your organisation. You may well feel that you are at saturation point with the amount of work that you can physically do at any one time.

ILM training Cardiff

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We are able to offer group bookings at a discounted rate for organisations. These courses can delivered bespoke with your organisational needs included in the courses. We can also deliver this course as an ‘Off-the-Shelf’ product if you need the training delivered ASAP.

Our ILM courses divide into Endorsed/Developmental and Vocational Qualifications. These vary in content and topics.

We are now offering an innovative Zoom + Face to Face training practice where you can sit courses either through Zoom or Face to Face in Cardiff. If you have course enquiries, tell us which type of training you would prefer!

‘Fast-Track’ scheduled qualifications for ReAct3 candidate.

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Most Popular ILM Courses

ILM Level 2 Award/Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills

This ILM training Cardiff Level 2 vocational qualification covers a broad selection of subjects related to management, leadership and recruitment. This vocational course covers : Understanding Leadership, Leading Your Work Team, Meeting Customer Needs, Methods of Communicating in the Workplace, Setting Team Objectives in the Workplace, Understanding Training and Coaching and finally Solving Problems and Making Decisions.

ILM Level 2 Award for Young Leaders

The ILM Level 2 Award for young leaders is a vocational qualification with a broad spectrum of modules available. This course is aimed at young people aged 14-25 to teach them the skills necessary to become the next leader of their generation. This course covers : Developing Self-leadership and Resilience for Young People, Developing Leadership Skills for Young People, Developing mentoring Skills for Young People, Developing Skills to Work as a Volunteer, Developing Awareness of Equality and Diversity.

ILM Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management

The ILM Level 3 vocational qualification covers a broad selection of subjects related to management, leadership and recruitment. It is an excellent course for anyone in a management position who doesn’t have any qualifications or for anyone who is looking at getting into a supervisory or management position.

This vocational course covers : Understanding Leadership, Understanding Recruitment and Selection of New Staff, Managing Workplace projects, Understanding Health and Safety in the Workplace and finally Understanding Marketing for Managers.

ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management

The ILM training Cardiff Level 4 vocational qualification covers a broad selection of subjects related to Management, Leadership and Recruitment. This ILM training Cardiff covers : Developing People in the Workplace, Managing a Healthy and Safe Environment, Managing Marketing Activities, Motivating People in the Workplace.

ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management

This ILM training Cardiff Level 5 vocational qualification covers a broad selection of subjects related to management, leadership and recruitment. This vocational course covers : Managing Improvements, Leading Innovation and Change, Managing Customer Relations, Managing Projects in the Organisation.

ILM Level 7 Award in Leadership and Management

The ILM training Cardiff Level 7 vocational qualification covers the highest level of leadership. It covers strategic leadership within an organisation as well as development of individuals and an organisation as a whole.

ILM – Management Training for Managers programme (MT4M) 

This program has been designed with the expressed intention of helping supervisor, new managers or existing managers to develop the formal qualification that enable them to become proficient. Some of the modules covered will give a better understanding of management and leadership in the work environment. The success of this program has helped many to attain new employment, progress within a company via promotion and in some cases changing their careers. This management programme is our most popular and successful in terms of ‘up-skilling’ and practical application for job search and progressing to a more senior management position.

This program has modules that have been mapped to a Level 5 Award or higher.

Construction Related ILM Qualifications

ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Leadership & Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector

(Duration: 3, 6, or 12 months)

Cost: £850 + VAT (Level 3 Award); £1,990 + VAT (Level 3 Certificate)

This qualification has been specifically created for managers within the construction and built environment sectors. The course will cover the following modules depending on which level you attend: Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector; Delivery of Site Operations and Logistics; Understanding Commercial Awareness; Handling Difficult Situations; Achieving Performance Through People.

Our tutors delivering ILM training Cardiff are Chartered Engineers, professionals who have worked in the Construction and Built Environment sectors.


Endorsed and Developmental Programmes

ILM – Accredited Train the Trainer (Master class) – 1 day

The Train the trainer qualification is an introduction to teaching and learning in the Adult Education Sector.

This ILM training Cardiff course covers the fundamental aspects of training and teaching. This course will enable you to be able to deliver training with a slew of interesting Ice breakers, energisers and warm ups. This course will also cover some of the ways to improve learners retention of information, making your teaching more effective.


Non-Accredited Management Training

Personal and Professional Development for Managers Courses – 1 to 5 days

A managers personal and professional development will be key to whether they stay in the same position, move higher or move lower. The more professional development you acquire the better you will look to the company that employs you and the more indispensable you will become. In the link above you can find 5 modules that can be done as a class or as single modules. The modules can be done with or without accreditation as well.


Bid Writing Course

Bid Writing Course – Beginner

The aim of this bid writing course is to provide learners with an understanding of Bid Writing, and how to win tender. It will also allow you to understand why you failed on previous bids, improve on unsuccessful tenders and improve for new tenders.


Bid Writing Course – Intermediate to Advanced

Our intermediate/advance course will give you a better understanding of writing and winning bid. This course will allow you to go further and give you a global understanding on bidding for National, European and International contracts or opportunities.


Prince2 Project Management Training

PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) is the world’s most practiced project management methodology and a de facto standard developed and used extensively by project managers around the world:


These PRINCE2 courses are delivered by Insights, an accredited ATO


ILM Vocational Qualifications (QCF)

Online and Zoom-pro based training

We are offering online and Zoom based training as well as our usual classroom courses. Should there be further lockdown restrictions more courses are likely to be done either through Zoom or via online. However as of this moment, we are providing all of our training as normal in classrooms. We are also ensuring that classroom training courses are done in very small numbers of no more than 4. This is so we can not only provide the highest quality of training, but also we ensure everyone’s safety during these times.

Should you be interested in Zoom training you will need to have a PC or laptop and a free Zoom account. If you do not have a Zoom account, we can help you to setup one.