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OPEN COURSES: Winter 2020

New Courses: From March 2020

January / February 2020

20th-31st: i-l-m Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management

19th-31st: ECDL (Level 1 & 2): Word, Excel, PowerPoint

15th: i-l-m Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management

23rd-27th: i-l-m Management Training for Managers (MT4M)

23rd-24th: AutoCAD – Intermediate Level

3rd February 2020: Microsoft Project (MSP) – Foundation Level

11th: Word (Advance – level 3)

13th:MS Excel (Level 2)

17th: AutoCAD (3D)

26th: Finance for Non-Financial Managers

20th: Mental Health Awareness Course for all Sector

24th: Risk Assessment and Management Training (MT4M)

24th: CDM 2015 Awareness Course 1 Day

OPEN COURSES: Spring 2020

March / April 2020

March 2020 ECDL cohort – Online E-learning (any day)

2nd March: i-l-m Train the Trainer/Master Class

16th: CDM 2015 Awareness 1 Day

16th-27th March: i-l-m Level 4 Award in Leadership & Management

18th-28th: i-l-m Level 3 Award in leadership & Management

21st – 25th March: Microsoft Word & Excel (BCS Accredited)

23rd-25th March: AutoCAD 2016 (Intermediate & Introduction to 3D)

24th March: i-l-m Level 5 – Managing Project in an Organisation

25th-26th March: AAT Bookkeeping Award

27th – 3rd April: ECDL Extra (BCS Accredited) – Level 2

30th March: Risk Assessment and Management

31st: Introduction to Bid Writing

6th April 2020: Presentation Skills

13th – 17th April 2020 : i-l-m Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management

21st: Finance for Non-Financial Managers

22nd April 2020: i-l-m Train the Trainer (i-l-m accredited)

Cyber Security Skills for IT Staff

30th April: ECDL – Online E-Learning/Test Day

May / June 2020

4th May: Bid Writing Course (New Course)

5th-6th May: Microsoft Project (Foundation Level & Intermediate Level)

11th-13th May: AutoCAD 2016 Foundation – Foundation Level

14th-15th May: AAT Award in Bookkeeping

15th May: Understanding Financial Statement

18th-22nd May: European Computer Driving License (Level 1, 2 & 3)

27th-28th May: AutoCAD 2016 (Intermediate Day 2)

29th: Introduction to 3-D using AutoCAD design

OPEN COURSES: Summer 2020

July / August 2020

2nd July: Bid Writing Course (New Course)

2nd-6th July: i-l-m Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management

9th-11th July:Window 10

13th-24th: i-l-m Management Training for Managers (MT4M)

10th August 2020: Risk Assessment and Management

14th-28th August: ECDL Intermediate Level (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

16th-20th: i-l-m Management Training for Managers (+Level 5)

17th: AAT Award in Bookkeeping

20th-21st August: MSP (Foundation & Intermediate Level)

27th: CDM 2015 Awareness 1 Day

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