Potential ReAct 3 Grant (£1,500), Available for TATA Steel & Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Workforce

LATEST NEWS: TATA Steel, Neath & Port Talbot & RBS Cardiff Redundancies

We are sorry to hear of TATA Steel redundancy announcement and Royal Bank of Scotland cutting back jobs within their branches due to on-line banking becoming larger and branches being used less. If you are living and working in Wales and you are going to be made redundant or have been in the last 3 months there could be funding available for you.

We work with many candidates through the ReAct 3 (Welsh Government) vocational training program. This grant has been specifically set up for people who have been / are being made redundant in Wales to assist them to gain employment in the shortest time period.  The grant is up to £1,500 (subject to approval from the ReAct 3 Team) that can pay towards the vocational training courses, for up-skilling or even to career change.

We have a ReAct3 F.A.Q. in case you have any questions about ReAct3 funding –https://www.careerchangewales.co.uk/react-faq/

We hope this article is helpful to anyone who is being made redundant and that we can help you along the way.

(RBS Job Losses – http://www.computerweekly.com/news/450296210/Hundreds-of-jobs-to-go-at-RBS-as-digital-replaces-branch-services)


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