ReAct lll Funded Training and Public Sector Courses

All of our training courses can be funded by ReAct II and many other sources of funding; such as Want 2 Work and Job Centre Plus. We have specifically designed many of our ReAct ll training courses to meet the needs of the growing numbers of people facing redundancy and long term unemployment.

Before we sign up anyone on any of our courses, we offer a free consultation to discuss what their experience is, and how the training course will benefit them. If we do not believe the course will help you we will tell you and offer alternatives.

All of our ReAct ll training courses;

  • Are fast track – We understand then unemployment is a daunting prospect and that you don’t have long to training before trying to find employment. All of our training can be completed within a week of completing the course.*
  • Are relevant to the current climate – Our industry professionals with many years of experience in HR, Recruitment and development know what employers look for in potential employees.
  • Are run in small classes – We don’t believe in filling classrooms to breaking point. We have a strict 6 learners max per tutor policy. This gives you the opportunity to ask the questions relevant to your experience and lets you get the most out of your training.
  • Are lead by an experienced professional tutor – All of our tutors are professionally qualified and deliver training in person. We don’t deliver E-learning or distance learning.
  • Are supported with online resources – All of our taught training comes with online resources to support your development.
  • Have no hidden cost – We are transparent and honest about our course prices. We don’t sign you up and then tell you that ‘exams cost extra’, ‘refreshments cost extra’, ‘training material costs extra’. The price of the course is inclusive of; Training, registration, certification, training material, refreshments, lunch, onsite parking or online support.**
  • Are supported by us throughout your learning process – We don’t just send you away after your training has been completed. We support you throughout your career transition, from redundancy to employment. We provide CV advice, Job application, job guidance, interview debriefing to support after you have started your new role.
  • Are developed with attaining employment in mind – All of our training is developed with employment in mind. We know what employers look for in employees.
  • Comes with free access to CCW’s facilities for the duration of your training – if you don’t have a copy of Word or Excel, you can practise using our copies. Our facilities are open 9-5 Monday to Friday.
  • Come with free exam preparation – All of our examined courses come with free exam preparation. We understand that many redundancy takers are out of practise and we support them with as much preparation for their exam as possible.

We value our learner’s individuality and respect their experience in the employment world. Our training builds upon your experience and develops you with courses designed to not only make you more employable, but to make you a more effective employee.

If you would like to contact ReAct directly you can do so through this number -> 03000 255888

If you want to contact Careers Wales regarding your ReAct application you can phone them on this number -> 0800 028 4844

If you would like any assistance or help in choosing a training course you can contact us on -> 029 21 156 603

Our Recommended Courses

ReAct Funded ECDL and Computer Training Courses

European Computer Driving Licence – A market leading course on computer productivity. The ECDL takes people with little or no formal knowledge in computer applications and cements the learning they have developed in their working career under a formal framework of the British Computer Society. Click Here for more information.

MS Office – MS office is the most popular office application in the world. Its easy to use interface and intuitive system makes in an excellent option for any organisation that needs to produce high quality, professional office material. So many people self teach with MS office products that it is no surprise that many people don’t know how to make the most of these products. This training course will show learners how to improve productivity and develop key skills in MS office products. Click Here for more information.

ReAct Funded (ILM) Institute of Leadership and Management Training Courses

Manager Training for Managers -Management is one of the most sought after skills of the working world. Every Business, regardless of sector and industry needs experienced team members to become managers and team leaders. It is a natural progression for people in the same organisation for long enough to undertake management positions. But because of this, very few managers possess management qualifications that prepare them for the management world. This course will give learners a whirlwind tour of management techniques and theories to help you in your new role. Click Here for more information.

Train the Trainer Master Class – As a team leader you will be expected to impart your experience on those around you. This could be in on job training or formal training courses. Either way, you will be expected to convey concepts and ideas in a way that helps team members learn from your experience. This course will help you understand the finer points of designing training courses for the purpose of teaching people. Click Here

Team Delegation – Being a manager, you will need to uniquely understand your team, their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this will enable you to plan and prioritise work to the right people. This course in Team Delegation will help you to meet deadlines and target through the use of your most valued resource, your team.  Click Here for more information

ReAct Funded Project Management Training Courses

MS Projects -Microsoft Projects is a project management application that breaks down the elements of a project into easy to understand and defined objectives. It not only makes huge projects made of many elements more manageable and achievable. Click Here,

Primavera 6 – Primavera 6 or P6 is a industry essential Project Portfolio Management software. It is designed for project intensive companies to better manage and maintain the levels of funding, work and time for projects. It is used by around 40% of large construction firms and is an essential for project managers and planners to have a good fundamental with. Click Here for more information

Web Development Training Courses

Our Web Development courses take individuals with little or no experience in deploying websites and shows them the fundamental skills required to begin an exciting career in web development. The course is broken down into 3 elements; fundamental HTML and CSS, Content Management Systems (CMS like WordPress), and Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media.

With these combined modules, you will be adequately equipped to  manage, maintain and deliver Web sites to customers.

Introduction to Web Design and HTML Click Here

Introduction to WordPress Click Here

SEO and Social Media Click Here

Compliance Training Courses

PTLLS/EAT Click Here

Electrotechnical and Green Deal Click Here

by Mike Tan

*Pending examinations and coursework submission. Certification can vary depending on the awarding body.

**Additional training material, exam re-sits, Lost certificates and additional training are charged for and at the discretion of the manager.

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