Redundancies in Banks

We are incredibly sorry to hear that there will be many bank closures and because of that many job losses in the UK. We at CCW will do our best to help those being put out of work due to the closures of these branches. We give out free career advice which could help you find your next job.

We also specialise in training those who have been made redundant, and if you have been made redundant while living in Wales you could be eligible for some funding for training. There is no better way to advertise yourself to new employers than to show your willingness to learn, that is why we believe that training is the way forward.

If you are being made redundant while living in Wales you can call us on 029 21 156 603 or email us on

We have a ReAct FAQ page as well which will show you some basic information on ReAct and some of our most frequently asked questions –




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