Will Writing Training

A will is the legal declaration of an individual (testator or testatrix) that identifies where their estate will be distributed upon death. This course has been designed by a professional will writer and  for individuals who have an interest in or work as a will writer or wish to become a professionally qualified and capable will writer. It will explain the legislations, laws and working practises of a will writer to enable you to start work in this area.


  1. The training requires pre-course reading. Initial self assessment questionnaires will be sent to students who book a course.
  2. The course requires good verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Students will need to demonstrate knowledge of basic computing and have access to e-mail and internet at their home.Glasses on Paper

Upon completion, delegates of this course will be able to;

  1. Understand why do you need to write a will?
  2. Understand Who can write a Will?
  3. Identify Formalities and Execution of Wills
  4. Be able to alter a Will and its Implications
  5. Understand when a will can be Revoked
  6. Explain how to renew and re-publish a Will
  7. Understand how executors conclude you affairs
  8. Explain Devises and legacies

Course objectives;

  1. Understand Caveats and citations
  2. Necessity for Grant of Probate
  3. Powers of personal representatives
  4. Grants of Probate and administration
  5. Construction of Wills
  6. Laws of Intestacy
  7. Administration of estates
  8. Challenges the will- how to avoid and mitigate.
  9. Writing basic life protection in trust
  10. The Will instruction and questionnaire

Course summary

CCW Training Academy working in conjunction with CIVITAS Law to deliver “Will Writing Course”. Our ‘will writing course’ has been designed for people with no-experience, knowledge or competence in ‘will writing’. The course is over a period of 3 days.

The first 2 days will cover all of the theory involved in writing a will. The 3rd day will be practical application of knowledge, i.e. critical appraisal of worked examples.

Our trainer is a fully qualified practicing Barrister with experience in this specialist area of work and has dealt with practical issue in “will writing”.

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