Introduction to AutoCAD

Introduction to AutoCAD

Learning AutoCAD

This Introduction to AutoCAD course focuses on the basic features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD®. Using hands-on exercises, students explore how to create 1 Dimension production drawings.

Duration: 1 Day Training  

Course Outline:


Taking the AutoCAD tour

  • Navigating the working environment
  • Working with files
  • Displaying objects

Creating basic Drawings

  • Inputting Data
  • Creating basic objects
  • Using Polar tracking and Polar Snap
  • Using object snap tracking
  • Working with units

Manipulating objects

  • Selecting objects in the drawing
  • Changing an objects position
  • Creating new objects from existing objects
  • Changing the angle of an objects position
  • Creating a mirror image of existing objects
  • Creating object patterns
  • Changing an object size

Cost: £175 + VAT

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Course Format

This Introduction to AutoCAD course is a 1 day intensive course that is generally taught in small classes; normally around 3-4 people in a class to give you the maximum exposure to an industry professional. This will enable you to ask the questions that you require and, more importantly, have your questions answered. There is no exam with this course but you will receive homework to complete after every training session.

There are no hidden costs for training. All of our training includes; refreshments, training material, registration and all other related costs.

If you would like any additional information about this course then please contact us on 02921156603 or email

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