Training Funding

Training Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities – There are currently two forms of funding available; ReAct Funding for training and the Access Funding for training programme. More training funding opportunities can be found on website such as Business Wales.

Food and Drinks Skills Wales

(CCW-Training Academy is one of the preferred Framework training provider)

What is Food and Drinks Skills Wales? This is a funding created by the Welsh government to offer training to businesses within the food and drinks industries. We can offer a wide variety of courses through this funding. Click here for more info.

Flexible Skills Programme

The Flexible Skills Programme is a Welsh Government and Business Wales funding available to businesses to upskill and grow. Is your business looking for new opportunities, new tech, any growth or expansion plans? You could be able to gain funding from the Flexible Skills Programme. Click here for more info.

Farming Connect Funding

(CCW-Training Academy is one of the preferred Framework training provider)

The Farming Connect Funding is a fund open to enhance the skills for businesses, farmers, and foresters. The training provided under the Farming Connect Funding is 80% funded, with some services being fully funded.

The eligibility of the Farming Connect Funding has been recently widened to include more farmers, foresters with smaller holdings, new categories of self-employed contractors and food businesses. Click here for more info.

ReAct Plus Funding

Available to individuals that have been made redundant in the past 3 months and is a discretionary award for training/re-training in; leadership & management, ICT and strategic matters. We have a FAQ for ReAct candidates that can be found here.

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