Construction Training Courses

Construction Training Courses

Construction training courses are essential for equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and certifications needed to excel in the construction industry. They contribute to safer, more efficient, and higher-quality construction projects while also enhancing career opportunities for those in the field.

Construction Training Courses

The advantages of attending construction related training courses are:

  • Skill development – provide individuals with the opportunity to learn and develop specific skills related to construction.
  • Safety knowledge – often includes safety protocols and procedures, this is crucial where there are inherent risks associated with working on work sites. Proper training will contribute to reducing accidents and injuries.
  • Compliance with regulations – subject to numerous regulations and building codes, training ensures that workers are aware of and compliant with these legal requirements, which are essential for completing projects legally and safely.
  • Quality of workmanship – trained workers are more likely to produce high-quality work and this benefits both the construction company and the end client.
  • Efficiency and productivity – workers are more efficient and productive on the work site and they know how to use tools and equipment effectively, which will help projects progress smoothly and meet deadlines.

The construction industry is evolving with the integration of new technologies like Building Information Modelling (BIM), drones, and advanced machinery. Training courses keep workers updated on the latest tools and techniques.

Our Construction Training Courses

CDM 2015 Training Course

The new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 came into force on 6th April 2015. These changes represent a significant change in the way that health and safety is managed in the construction industry.

Microsoft Project

MS Project is Microsoft’s solution to project management. It is a robust and versatile tool that can be used to ,manage projects of a huge variety and scope. MS project can be used to monitor, plan, estimate, and develop project plans. It has become one of the most popular and the fastest growing project management tool available on the market.

Surveying Courses

We run Surveying Courses which are lead by a professional Surveyor with over 15 years of experience in various sectors. We provide the Surveying and Setting Out equipment during the training.

Setting Out Courses

We run a high quality Setting Out course which is tutor lead by a experienced professional practitioner. The tutor has years of experience in Setting Out in a variety of sectors. We provide the Surveying and Setting Out equipment during the training.

Project Management Intermediate

Our Intermediate Project Management course has overall performance responsibility for managing scope, cost, schedule, and deliverables, which includes applying techniques for planning, tracking, change control, and risk management. All successful project management is achieved by the application of sound principles, practice, practical methodology, techniques, and leadership skills.

Google Earth Training

f you are a surveyor, or you provide setting out services you may find a need for Google Earth training. This training covers the basics of how to use Google Earth in line with surveying and setting out. 

GPS Training

We provide a high quality GPS course that will cover how to use a GPS, how to route, and apply a GPS. Our course is held in small classes to ensure that all our candidates get the most out of our training.

Working at Height

Our working at height construction course has been created for those who often work at heights. The course will teach you how to work at height and how you can do so safely. 

Banksman Training – Traffic Marshal Training

Banksman training course (Traffic Marshal Training): Health & Safety / Warehouse, Storage & Logistics, providing your fleet to work in a safe environment with banksman training.

Bid Writing Beginner Training

This is our Introduction to Bid Writing training course. Bid Writing requires skills and knowledge specific to this subject. Our beginner course will give you the fundamentals to Bid Writing. This introductory course will allow you an understanding to PQQ, ITT and Open Tendering stages. We also have an Intermediate and Advanced course if you feel that what this course covers it too basic for you.

Bid Writing Training – Intermediate + Advanced

We offer a Bid writing writing training for Intermediate and Advanced levels. This would be a 1 day training. This course is lead by a very experienced formal bid Director working in the third, private and public sectors.

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Based on 127 reviews
Paul Iskander
Paul Iskander
Good studying environment, especially considering the central location. Accessible car parks, excellent tutors who are open to questions, engagement and debate on key topics. All the staff were very welcoming, friendly, supportive and kept the class refreshed. They also offered really good support and advice for the essay assignment I needed to complete. Would highly recommend to aspiring managers.
Iris Huang
Iris Huang
I joined the Taith-COAL project held by CCW Wales and Instep Lille. The training was so inspirational, and it made me appreciate the importance of leadership and communication even more. Thank you, Mike, Tony, Brian, and Paul, for unconditionally sharing your experience and wisdom. I also want to express my gratitude to the CCW team, Lloyd and Harri, for their extremely supportive and helpful presence throughout this beautiful learning experience. The learning wasn't just limited to the classroom but extended outside in the container of the two-week cultural exchange program designed by CCW. I highly recommend it.
İrem Ürgen Warrick
İrem Ürgen Warrick
CCW is a great place for people who are interested in gaining skills for their professional life. They cover certified courses given by successful tutors. Worth to have a look! I did internship at CCW for 8 months. My experience there was great. I learned a lot, achieved a lot and I really hope I added value to the team. Many thanks to CCW team for giving me a chance to develop my both personal and professional skills, it was a pleasure to be part of them. Missing to be there!
vx Smithy
vx Smithy
I have just returned from a two week programme led by CCW training academy and wow, what a fantastic experience it has been. Mike and his team of trainers are a welcoming, approachable, inspirational group of people, who are extremely professional while delivering their lessons, with fantastic, relatable experiences, and a little humour.added too! The actual COAL project was an unforgettable experience, with a lovely bunch of people from all walks of life, who were also full of inspiring stories which made the trip such a success - making memories and friends I will always hold dear! If you ever get the opportunity to complete this trip or the ILM level 2 course, I would HIGHLY recommend it, I have previously worked in education for over 15 years and during that time I have completed a number of different training and motivational seminars/courses, but none of them compare to the style of teaching received during this quite simply has and will continue to change my mindset and life - Thank you SO much to Mike Tan and his absolutely fantastic team, both here and in Lille...I will be forever grateful for the experience and opportunity you have given to me! Mandy Xx
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan
I have been booking my AAT Assessment Level 2 exams with CCW Training academy over the last 9 months, 4 in total with my last one today. Always a very pleasant and relaxed experience with nice small groups at a time and great location in Cardiff centre nr Museum. Always great communication when booking my exams making it easy to pay by invoice. Highly recommend and will definatly be booking my next AAT Level 3 exams with them.
Noemie Plaetevoet
Noemie Plaetevoet
I took the 2 week course level level 2 in Cardiff, it was an eye-opener. The company has in mind to manage a team you have to know yourself, and it is important to see management as a skill and not a promotion. And CCW totally got that, and helps you throughout the journey, with practical exercices, with practical debrief. It is truly an intense experience, professionally and emotionally, but you'll come back with a better knowledge, a better understanding of people's emotions and how to promote yourself. I can't recommend enough CCW and their programm for their kindness, professionalism and benevolence
Kay Savage
Kay Savage
The engaging CCW courses provided a well thought out training platform that really gave me a good understanding of how to develop my awareness and practical skills. The designed class sizes achieved the beneficial aspect of forging good relationships with participating trainees and creating WhatsApp group connections. The Trainers proved to be very knowledgeable of their field, and in addition, the accommodating support has proved to be invaluable. The anticipated gains in knowledge and skills have been delivered, plus more. Thank you, Harri, Lloyd, Mel, Ace, Mel, Mike, and the participants, for the support, learning, and laughter.
Chelsea Dopson
Chelsea Dopson
Taith - COAL project, Pathway 1". Amazing learning provider, very informative and fun way to learn. The tutors and staff are very friendly and engaging. I learnt so much and can honestly say the ILM course was life changing for me! The 2-week programme in France was eye opening and an amazing experience. We learnt so much in and out of the classroom. I couldn’t praise this company enough and honestly think what they do is life changing - and simply amazing.
Nilay Boyluoğlu
Nilay Boyluoğlu
My time at CCW was invaluable. They offered the opportunity to attend many quality training courses.Such as ILM Management and Leadership, ILM Trainer Training, Effective Communication in the Workplace, Personal Development, Microsoft Office Power Point in the trainings I attended, I met really competent and helpful trainers and received very useful trainings for my personal development. CCW gave me the opportunity to get to know new cultures and meet very nice people as well as professional trainings. They also run really successful projects. They gave me the opportunity to take part in many of their projects. And these projects taught me a lot about my plans and gave me a lot of ideas. I have to thank Mike Tan for making this possible and for him help. I would like to thank all the staff for their kindness and professionalism. Especially Lloyd Tan and Harri Shuffley were so kind and helpful during my time at CCW, many thanks and regards.
I really enjoyed My two weeks training ILM n°2 /the train the trainer programme .It was an amazing experience , verry knowledgeable the team was amazing , very professionnal and really nice . I would highly recommand this training .
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