ReAct Plus Funding

React Plus Funding

The New ReAct Plus Funding

The ReAct funding has now become ReAct Plus. This has opened ReAct funding not just for redundant individuals but to a vast variety of cases now being able to be funded under ReAct. ReAct is a Welsh Government funding available through Careers Wales. Some of the new conditions for being able to be funded through ReAct are:

  • Resident in Wales at the time of redundancy/unemployment and the time of application
  • 18 years old and over
  • Within 12 months of becoming unemployed and have barriers to employment
  • Under formal notice of redundancy and are within 12 months of being made redundant and have barriers into employment
  • An ex-offender or an offender serving their sentence in the community
  • Aged 18 – 24 and are NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)
  • Forces Migrants/Sanctuary seekers who enter the UK within the last 12 months and have the right to work in the UK

Under the new guidelines if you are in any of the above groups you would be eligible for up to £1,500 to put towards training. You would also be eligible for up to £3,000 for your new employer.

ReAct Plus also now provides a variety of support to ensure there are no barriers to you being able to get the training you need. Some of the support offered are:

  • A vocational training grant of up to £1,500 to help individuals get the skills they need to find a new job
  • An extra support grant of up to £300 to help with expenses whilst training
  • Help with registered care and childcare costs whilst training up to £4,550
  • Personal Development Support Grant of up to £500 for those individuals identified as having a barrier to the labour market and require additional support having completed vocational training.
  • Employer Recruitment Support with a contribution of up to £3,000 towards the wages of the new recruit for the first 12 months. An additional £1,000 is available to employers who recruit an individual who is aged 18 to 24 OR is disabled. An additional £2,000 is available to employers who recruit an individual who is aged 18 to 24 AND is disabled.
  • Employer Training Support with a contribution of 50% towards the costs of job-related training up to £1,000.

We provide a wide range of courses that can be funded under the ReAct Plus scheme. The type of courses are:

Should you have any enquiries regarding our courses or ReAct funding please contact Working Wales first and speak to an advisor on 0800 028 4844.

Once you have done this please feel free to contact us through 029 21 156 603 or email

You can also find our training courses that we provide on the Careers Wales website.

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