Playing our part in supporting Climate Change in Wales

Climate Change

Playing our part in supporting Climate Change in Wales

Climate change long-term shifts will impact on our planet’s temperature, rainfall, and weather patterns. Some changes in the climate are natural, but carbon emission-generated by human activity is speeding up the global warming that causes climate change.

Climate Change

Global warming is the long-term heating of the Earth’s atmosphere caused by our actions. This is mainly from the burning of fossil fuels – like coal, oil, and natural gas – which emits carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and traps more of the sun’s heat raising temperatures.  

Climate change is impacting people around the world from increasingly frequent extreme heatwaves and storms, disruption of food systems and a rise in disease. It is threatening Welsh communities through flooding, water shortages, heatwaves, and changes to air quality. Our flood defences, natural and historic environments, homes, and businesses are all at risk.

What can we all do to support Climate Change?

The way we live, where we work and how we enjoy our leisure time will all impact on the quality of our local environment. Connecting with nature is important to our mental health and we need to learn how to respect nature and to protect them. How can we all do this better? 

  • By driving less where possible
  • Think about cooking and heating
  • Don’t litter
  • Be a responsible dog owner
  • Use less plastic packaging
  • Choose reusable products over single-use
  • Protect water
  • Use less water
  • Protect sewerage systems
  • Reduce chemicals in the air
  • Look after gardens naturally
  • Prevent fires

What can we do?

The aim is for Wales to reach net zero by 2050, which means the greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere are in balance with the greenhouse gases emitted. We all need to work together to make this happen – Welsh Government, local authorities, communities, businesses, and everyone in Wales.  

What we can do is live more sustainably. We can use less and reuse, repair and recycle more; reduce food waste; buy only what we need; lower our home energy use; and turn to cycling, walking and wheeling. If possible, we can also shop more sustainably, making healthier and more sustainable food choicesadapt our homes for better energy efficiency; and when our car needs replacing, consider buying electric. 

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