Past European Projects

Past European Projects

Find out about our past European projects and our current European projects through the below links. This page is specifically dedicated to showing the Erasmus Plus projects that we have run or partnered with other organisations. This includes organisations from France, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Sweden and more.

Erasmus is open to many different types of organisations including private, non-governmental organisations as well as voluntary sector organisations.

As an organisation that has been running since 2009 we can provide a wide array of objectives. The skills of our staff have provided us with the ability to run large past European projects and to have them hit the relevant deadlines. The high quality of our projects can be seen in the end product. As a nimble business we have been able to provide projects around a multitude of topics, which includes mental health, NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) youth, project management and more.

Due to our rigorous organisation, we have been able to ensure communication between partners. This has led to a build-up of great contacts across Europe for our organisation, as well as the creation of numerous high quality projects.

Past Projects:

Endorsing digital literacy of professionals to address inequalities and exclusion of LGBTQI community -> Click Link

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Project -> Click Link

Youth Engagement in Society -> Click Link

Connection Opportunity in People in Europe -> Click Link

European Mobility Project Management Platform -> Click Link

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