At CCW we like to work with as many different countries and regions as possible to get the most diverse and creative content we can. We have various partnerships ranging from Welsh Government programs such as ReAct to European projects such as the Erasmus + project. We have been doing various European projects for many years including bringing French students from economically poor backgrounds to Wales for them to experience work in another country and to improve their English skills.

There is a lot of funding out there for different projects and the EU has set aside €7 Billion for the Erasmus + project. CCW is in a unique position, where we are experienced in working within the Erasmus framework and have displayed an interest in the objectives highlighted in the most recent European Commission report. Over the past 4 years we have worked with individuals from several European countries and with organisation spanning across more than 5 countries. It is our intention to continue the level of commitment to our European partners and to assist other organisation in doing the same.

On this tab you can see exactly what partnerships we have going on at the moment, we are also always looking for more host families so if you would like to apply as one please contact us on 029 21 156 603, or email

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