Adobe Flash for Beginners (2 d)

Course Overview

The course is designed to give delegates the understanding and knowledge to use Adobe Flash CS5 to a basic level. Adobe Flash is an industry standard tool for creating rich media content. The computer based training will demonstrate to delegates how to use the Adobe Flash layout, gain practical experience of using Adobe Flash tools, and provide delegates with the necessary skills to create high quality rich media content including text, graphics and animation.

Course Contentsdobie

Day One


  • Becoming familiar with the Flash environment
  • Understanding Flash file types
  • Using the Adobe Flash tools
  • Working with vectors and bitmap graphics

Using Adobe Flash tools

  • Understanding Merge Drawing and Object drawing
  • Drawing and using the shape drawing tools
  • Learn and use some of the other Flash tools

Working with layers and the timeline

  • Organising a Flash project using layers
  • How to use layers effectively
  • Creating masks and masked content
  • Creating a guide layer

Using External Images and the Library

  • Importing images into Flash
  • How to use the library
  • Understanding symbols and instances
  • Working with images in Flash

Day Two

Working with text and fonts

  • Using text in Flash and the Text Layout Framework for Flash CS5
  • Adding text and tips for how to use text effectively

Basic Animation

  • Using frames, keyframes and blank keyframes in animation
  • Movie clips, graphics and symbols
  • Creating a shape tween and a motion tween
  • Creating a simple animation
  • Adding controls to an animation

ActionScript 3.0

  • Basic ActionScript commands
  • Using code snippets

Publishing Flash Content

  • Understand publishing in flash
  • Using the swf publishing setting
  • Tips for successful flash publishing for the web.
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