Adobe Illustrator CS5 – Introduction (2 Days)

Course Overview

The course is designed to give delegates the understanding and knowledge to use the tools and methods in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Adobe Illustrator is a graphics editor for the drawing and publishing of vector based images.dobie

The computer based training will demonstrate to delegates how to use the Adobe Illustrator layout, gain practical experience of using Adobe Illustrator tools, and provide delegates with the necessary skills to work with and create high quality vector graphics.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for students who are new to Adobe Illustrator and would like to learn the skills to use the interface and features and how to apply those skills practically to create illustrations, logos and other graphics. Students should be familiar with using Windows and be able to apply skills, such as copying and pasting objects, formatting text and saving files.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
Objectives of the course
Why use Adobe Illustrator?
6. Working with text
Using point and area textUsing type settings and formatting

Using text paths

2. Adobe Illustrator Basics
The Illustrator Environment
Introduction to Vector Graphics
Creating files for print and for screen
7. Using colour
How to apply colour
Using the colour guides
Working with gradients and patterns
3. Selection and other tools
Using rules, guides and grids
Using the magic wand toolMethods of selection
8. Working with imagesUsing the links panel
Working with images in Illustrator
Using live trace
4. Drawing and Editing
Working with paths
Understanding Anchor Points
Using the Pen tools
9. Creating a complete Illustrator project
Use the skills learnt during the course to create a         complete Illustrator logo projectSave the logo project in the appropriate way
5. Applying Appearances and Effects
Using the appearance panel
Object attributes
Applying effects
10. Saving Illustrator images
Print settings for Illustrator documents
Saving documents and creating PDF’s
Exporting documents for use in Photoshop
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