Programming with C# ASP.NET and Development Tools

Duration: 3 Day Course + 2 Day Course work    (Intermediate level)

Objective of the course:

This course has been designed to make candidate to understand the principle of web design in C#, with C# language fundamentals. Understanding of the tools involved in the design process and designing data driven websites in C#.

Course Outline:shutterstock_12792244

Day 1

  • Introduction to the tools used for web programming and web design
  • Difference between client side programming and server side programming
  • Introduction to ASP.NET and C#
  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2010 Express (installation & configuration)
  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 Express (installation & configuration)
  • Introduction to Team Foundation Server (Source Control)
  • Introduction to application frameworks that are out in the market (ASP.NET)

Day 2

  • HTML refresher
  • CSS refresher
  • JavaScript refresher
  • Programming basics and OOPS in C#, C# Syntax examples
  • Introduction to controls and modular programming
  • Data access & working with data
  • Introduction to T-SQL
  • Stored procedures

Day 3

  • URL rewriting
  • Introduction to Master Pages
  • Building a data driven web application
  • Session Variables & Cookies
  • Introduction to more tools that help in development (firebug / colour picker)
  • Deploying a web application and resources that are needed to deploy
  • Other technologies such as AJAX
  • Resources for further learning

The tutorials/course work will include a number of example code projects.

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