Assertiveness and Influencing Skills (1 day)

This fresh and exciting look at a critical topic for the business professional has been written to take advantage of a greater understanding of human behaviour.  Business decisions are often driven by personality and the need to empathise and connect with those inside and outside the firm. Popular business psychology is introducing new practical skills into the area of communications. People are using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to get an edge in negotiations, transactional analysis has changed the way of approaching business and personal negotiations and it is becoming critical to understand the growing field of emotional intelligence and proactivity. This one day course on assertiveness and influencing skill combines the best of all those subjects, in a highly interactive and useful session.

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  • An introduction to assertiveness: how it differs from aggression and passivity, and how it can incorporate ‘NLP’ – the art and science of personal excellence
  • The qualities of empathy, respect, conflict of management, increased confidence and self-esteem in every communication
  • Influencing others with the development of positive language, ‘model’ behaviour, strength and commitment to a personal and team ‘mission statement’
  • Proactivity – controlling what you can change and managing what you cannot by positive communication skills
  • The nature and application of ‘emotional intelligence’ – the use of self awareness and impulse control to manage situations in a more practical and long-lasting way
  • The roles, strengths and usefulness of ‘transactional analysis’ in a business environment and the role it plays in assertive behaviour


  • Provides a way to understand the new messages in the science of communications. Businesses are using ‘NLP’, positive language techniques, transactional analysis and much more to increase effective outcomes
  • Looks at assertiveness in a useful and practical way. It helps to build an influential and assertive approach on a personal level
    • Understanding the way assertiveness is linked to our self esteem
    • Learn how to manage people and situations you find difficult
    • Gain stronger negotiation skills

Delivery Methodology:

  • Presentations by tutor
  • Group Work / Discussions
  • Feedback activity

Intended for:

Anyone who would like to enhance their management skill base

Benefits Perceived by attendees:

  • Better understanding of middle and upward management and its implications

Course Duration:

1 Day

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