Bid Writing Course (Intermediate/ Advance Level)

Bid Writing Course Overview:

The Bid Writing course will cover PQQ, e-tendering, open tendering, partnership, and collaboration opportunities and many other related contents.

Aims and Objectives:

Bid Writing Course

This intermediate Bid Writing course will allow you to understand why companies fail to win and offer advice on unsuccessful tenders including how to prepare, research and submit a successful tender for the public and private sectors. Placing emphases on Quality Vs Cost comparison and the importance of check list, protocol, and good practices. Most important are the examples of successful contracts (i.e., small, and large ranging from £10K to £250K).

Course Contents:

  • Strategy & planning to Win tender
  • Best practices – understanding how to prepare tender documents and costing
  • Examples of successful tenders, including how to carryout research, answers tender questions, preparing estimating/costing, checking, e-Tendering documentation preparation, and etc
  • Good practices, class exercise, and summary.

Course Delivery:

The course is led by a very experience practitioner presentation linked to various examples of successful projects and classroom workshop on now to prepare a quality bid document using past examples of successful projects. This will enable learners to actively participate in their learning experience by working through a generic Bid Writing document covering all the fundamental aspects within a workshop environment.

Duration of Course:

The duration of this course is one-day workshop for intermediate/advance level.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, individuals will understand the Bid Writing processes and understands how to prepare a successful bid document/s.

Audience and who is it for?

The course is intended to benefit those individuals seeking to understand the working practices of Bid Writing. 

  • For those individuals already involved in bid writing and looking to improve upon these skillsets to the next level.
  • For those Bid Writers looking to improve upon their success in Bid Writing.

Tutor delivering this training course (Mike Tan BSc MSc CEng FInstLM FCIHT)

The tutor delivering this training course has over 40 years of practical experience working for local government, private sectors (i.e., two largest international consultant) in evaluating, writing, and winning bids. He has won numerous high-profile construction projects, Erasmus+ (KA2), TAITH, and Lottery Funding projects and have provided bid-writing training for the 3rd sector funding organisation. Mike can share good practices, the dos and don’ts from the prospective of a client, consultant, and academia.

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