Change Management

Who should attend?

Anyone in a management role who would like to either prepare for change within an organisation or for anyone who would like to initiate change within an organisation. Delegates of this course will understand change as inevitable and understand how to plan for it.

Aims and Objectivesccw - logo

By the end of this course you will be able to;

  • Identify the main reasons for change within an organisation.
  • Identify the activities that can be used to achieve change.
  • Identify the impact of change on time and resources
  • Identify the effects of change on a staff and learn how to adapt your changes to minimise this
  • Plan, communicate and involve those in the organisation to minimise the effect of it.

Learning Outcome

  • People and Change – adapting of change – frustration
  • Resistance to Change – reasons people may not want it
  • Management resistance to change – why managers might resist change
  • Management structure – ear to the floor Vs head in the clouds
  • Positive and Negative Attitudes towards change
  • Peoples desires – security, pension, pay environment
  • Change is inevitable – you can’t avoid it but sometimes it must be initiated  but it always has to be planned
  • Team working and building – autonomous Vs dependant
  • Empowering people – Listening to them. Allow their contribution to be heard – help establish a corporate identity
  • An Effective team Vs an Ineffective team
  • Avoiding stress caused by change – employee retention and the fight/flight response
  • Combating stress – Support/encourage/involve/participate


Upon completion of this course you will be able to understand, plan for change and reduce the effects of this on your staff and profit.

Duration of Course: 1 day

Cost: £175 + VAT

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