Dealing With Significant Change

Professional Mental Health Training for Staff and Clients

Relationship breakdown, injury serious illness, unemployment and bereavement are losses that can affect us deeply. Shock, denial, anger, guilt depression and loneliness may be the result of the loss. The course helps participants to identify strategies to help manage these feelings. The Dealing with Significant Loss and Change course is based around the understanding of the 5 stages of loss, as well as exploring other issues such as coping strategies, reactions and the importance of support systems.

Duration: 6 weeks – 6 sessions of 2 hours per week

Maximum class size: 12 delegates per group

Main aims of The Course: Look at different types of loss, at the difference between depression and sadness, understand stress, recognise the 5 stages of loss, help to find coping mechanisms, look at the difference between grief, mourning and loss.

Main objectives of The Course: Be able to put into practice coping mechanisms in relation to their significant loss, recognise what types of loss and change they are experiencing and identify what makes loss and change more difficult.

In the end of the Course each participant will be awarded by Attendance Certificate.

Course outline:

Week 1

  • What type of loss is there?
  • What makes loss and change more difficult?
  • The grief cycle

Week 2

  • What messages do I give myself about how I am handling loss?
  • What are the typical reactions to loss and change?
  • Introduction to keeping a journal

Week 3

  • Coping strategies
  • Do`s and Don`ts
  • Denial – what does it look like?

Week 4

  • Useful reminders about loss
  • Anger diary
  • Making sense of the whys

Week 5

  • Bargaining – what does it look like?
  • Asking for and accepting help
  • A solid support system
  • The difference between sadness and depression

Week 6

  • Depression – what does it look like?
  • A different path
  • What if you get stuck and Acceptance


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