Digital Data Collection Training – Surveying

Digital Data Collection – Surveying (1-day Course)

This Digital Data Collection Training course has been developed to provide a general overview of basic land surveying and measurement techniques using manual and electronic equipment, transfer of field data to digital terrain modelling software and to produce 2 or 3 dimension survey output files for computer aided design.

Digital Data Collection Training Course Aims:

Digital Data Collection Training

This course is designed to provide participants with a foundation level in understanding of data concepts and practical skills in using the Open Data Kit (ODK) for mobile data collection. The emphasis is ‘hands-on’ learning and practical application. Participants are encouraged to bring their own Android/iOS devices for the practical exercises. By the end of the course, participants should be able to design and deploy basic data collection forms using ODK, collect data using mobile devices, and manage collected data for analysis.

Digital Data Collection Training Contents

Open Data Kit (ODK)

Section 1: Understanding Data Concepts

1. Data and Its Types

  • Introduction to data and its significance
  • Explanation of different types of data: qualitative, quantitative, categorical, and numerical
  • Real-world examples illustrating various data types

2. Data Collection Methods

  • Overview of data collection techniques: surveys, interviews, observations, and more
  • Importance of structured data collection
  • Best practices for designing effective data collection tools

3. Data Presentation and Visualization

  • Basics of data visualization: graphs, charts, and maps
  • Choosing the right visualization for different types of data
  • Tools for creating impactful data presentations

4. Data Analysis Fundamentals

  • Introduction to data analysis and its role in decision-making
  • Exploratory data analysis techniques
  • Brief overview of statistical analysis concepts

Section 2: Introduction to Mobile Data Collection using Open Data Kit (ODK)

5. Creating an ODK Account

  • Setting up an ODK account on the ODK server
  • Exploring the ODK interface and dashboard

6. Hands-on Project: Creating a Data Collection Form

  • Step-by-step guide to designing a data collection form using ODK Build
  • Adding various question types (text, numeric, multiple-choice, etc.)
  • Form logic and skip patterns for a seamless user experience

7. Software Installation, Configuration, and Data Collection

  • Installing ODK Collect on Android devices
  • Configuring ODK Collect with the created form
  • Practical exercise: Collecting data using the configured form on mobile devices

8. Sending Finalised Forms and Viewing Results

  • Uploading completed forms to the ODK server
  • Accessing and analysing collected data on the ODK server
  • Exploring options for exporting data for further analysis (CSV, Excel, etc.)

9. Course Wrap-up and Next Steps

  • Recap of key concepts covered throughout the course
  • Resources for further learning and exploration
  • Encouraging participants to apply ODK in their own projects and workflows

Intended for:

Built Environment professionals who wish to update their existing surveying skills or who are early in their career and who wish to gain useful practical experience in land surveying.

Course Duration:

1 Days (8 hours / day)


This is a 1-day course that runs from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know by emailing You can also contact us on 029 21 156 603 or emailing us in the beforementioned email for prices and more information.

Training Venue: 5-7 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BD.

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