Effective Written and Verbal Communication

Many think they are communicating well, and it’s usually true. However, good communication skills have to be developed, worked upon and further added in an on-going fashion. It is at the heart of interpersonal skills. The more someone is aware of how it works the more effective their communication will become.management and Leadership training available

There are several reasons why people’s communication skills can go awry such as: when they’re delivering a difficult message, handling conflicts, giving ‘bad news’, facing potential humiliation, feeling misunderstood and getting very surprised by someone else’s behaviour.

We feel that we can make a real difference in the way people develop their communication skills through our course

Benefits for participants

  • Training in writing and editing; targeting specific audiences
  • Advice on writing up press releases and newspaper articles
  • Guidance in writing and delivering
  • Tips on how to get key messages across succinctly, avoiding unnecessary technical terms
  • Constructive assistance and feedback
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