Environmental Awareness Training

Environmental Awareness Training – The Principals of Environmental Management (i.e., mapped to a level 3 QCF)

environmental awareness training

This course is designed for all professionals, staff, and learners. It is particularly useful but equally beneficial to individual workers, team leaders, technicians, engineers, and others in the workplace. It is aimed to raise awareness of the environmental and principals of environmental management. This 1-day training programme includes completing an on-line test to attain the accredited certificate.

Learning outcomes of environmental awareness training

On completion of this course, delegates will understand:

Principles of Legal and Non-regulatory Environmental Compliance.

  1. Understand the principles of legal and non-regulatory environmental compliance
    • Environmental legal and non-regulatory environmental requirements.
    • Key environmental regulators and enforcement bodies.
    • Understanding the requirements for legal environmental documentation relevant to organisation.
    • Other environmental requirements applicable to the sector and the organisation.
  2. Understand the need for compliance with legal and non-regulatory environmental requirements
    • Why maintaining an awareness of environmental legal requirements?
    • The importance of evaluating compliance with environmental legal requirements of the organisation.
    • Breaching the environmental legislation

Awareness of Environmental Good Practice

  • Understand the impact of activities on the environment.
    • Summary of the key environmental issues relevant to your company’s activities (Classroom activity).
    • Role, responsibilities, and limits of authority relating to environmental practice.
  • How to support environmental good practice.
    • Activities that can promote environmental good practice.
    • Resources to be used to support environmental good practice.
    • Benefits obtained from good environmental practice.
    • Encourage others to develop and maintain environmental awareness.
  • Communicating benefits of good environmental practice.
    • Benefits obtained from good environmental practice.
    • Feedback and colleagues’ views on environmental practice?

Delivery Methodology:

  • Introduction of course tutor and students.
  • Understanding students’ expectations of the course and requirements
  • Power point presentation with group exercises
  • Evaluating work place 
  • Presentations from course tutor followed by question-and-answer sessions

Course Duration: 1 day (Cost: £175 + VAT)


Refreshments and lunch will be provided. (For special dietary requirements please inform us at info@careerchangewales.co.uk). Candidate attending this course will receive an accredited certificate on completing the course and passing the test.

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