Facilitation Skills

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This course has been designed to provide and improve facilitation skills. Not achieving targets, poor time management, organisation and planning, conflict within the team, personal issues outside work. At some stage every employee hits problems and difficulties that affect their performance. A facilitator stands in a background position without taking active part in a discussion, but enables the group to work more effectively promoting mutual understanding. The course will help you to manage a meeting, assist and support people while planning their objectives and achieving them.

Course Content

  • managing meetings
  • the dynamics of a group
  • body language and communication skills
  • tools and practical skills
  • keeping emotions under control
  • how to control a discussion
  • problem solving
  • how to manage a conflict
  • working on a meeting agenda
  • how to give bad news
  • focusing on processes

Learning outcome

  • You will learn how to give good feedbacks
  • You will develop your managing skills
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