Finance Fundamentals for Non Financial Managers

Course Content

This course aims to teach aspiring managers and leaders the formal skills required to; analyse financial information and understand financial functions of specific roles of those in your organisation to make better decisions and within your organisation. This course is aimed at individuals with little or no understanding of finance but require a functional understanding of finance.

Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of the following topics;

  • Funding – sources of finance (debt and equity)
  • Financial reporting (management, statutory, regulatory, industry)
  • Business stakeholders and uses for financial reporting
  • Core financial statements and the link between them (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow)
  • Basic terminology – sales, income, cost of sales, gross profit, margin, overheads, fixed and variable costs, depreciation, accruals, prepayments, creditors, debtors, assets, liabilities, working capital
  • Basic double entry bookkeeping, preparing and reviewing financial statements
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • The role of external audit
  • The role of internal audit
  • The nature and purpose of management accounts
  • Cost types and cost behaviour
  • The nature & purpose of budgeting
  • Understanding projects, project costs and preparing budgets
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