Flexible Skills Wales

“£3 million to fund specialist skills provision in Wales”

Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Julie James, has announced circa £3 million will be spent on training programmes in Wales. This follows an announcement by the Finance Minister, Jane Hutt, of a funding increase of £8.4m for education and skills during 2015-16.

The Welsh Government’s new Flexible Skills Programme will receive £2.4 million to support the skills and employment needs of companies that play a strategic role in the economy. Funding will be available where it cannot be granted through existing programmes or where it is judged that Welsh Government intervention will benefit the Welsh economy.

It is estimated that about 60 companies in Wales will receive funding, and benefit 3,200 individuals.  Companies will be expected to demonstrate a plan and commitment to create job opportunities in Wales and demonstrate a need for, and wider economic benefits of, Welsh Government support.

The Deputy Minister said:

“The allocation of these funds is another illustration of the Welsh Government’s commitment to supporting the economy. This funding will support our ongoing work with employers looking to develop their presence in Wales, companies who play an integral part of our economic landscape and those that operate in our priority sectors.“

CCW-Training Academy can help to offers these specialist skills provision to companies looking to apply for the Flexible Skills Programme in Wales.  Our training manager would be available to assist in providing the necessary advice in the matter.  E-mail us on: info@careerchangewales.co.uk, or telephone us on: 02921 156603

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