Having Difficult Conversation – ‘How to deal with it’


All companies, organisations and SME’s from time to time will have challenging issues.  These may arise from board/team meetings or during difficult conversations with clients and individuals.  Managers and supervisors may come across difficult conversations when carrying out annual reviews, or when holding disciplinary meetings or even through daily management of staff.  This training course has been designed to specifically tackle these challenging tasks and to give you the abilities and understanding of how to deal with them.

Entry Requirements

There are no minimum entry requirements for this course

Objectives and Learning Outcome:

  • To understand the definition of ‘having difficult conversations’ and how to manage them.
  • The preparation required before ‘having a difficult conversation’.
  • Understanding the ‘solution’ and the outcome.


  1.  What is a difficult conversation?
  2. How to manage them?
  3. Preparation
  4. Remembering and applying your skills
  5. When is the right moment
  6. Scenarios (Group working)
  7. The solution
  8. Problem solving skills
  9. Do’s and Don’ts
  10. The process
  11. Summary


The course will be a mixture of short lectures, presentations, interactive discussions and individual/group exercises.


Course notes will be provided. Refreshments and lunch will also be provided for special dietary requirements please inform the administrator at:  info@careerchangewales.co.uk.

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