Understanding Health and Safety in the Workplace


Health and safety is a necessary precaution to make sure nobody is hurt on company property or it can be added to other areas such as your house. If you find yourself unsure about health and safety and feel like you need more knowledge this is the course for you. Health and safety is a part of day to day life and if you can understand it, it can help you develop your understanding of the workplace.


1.Understand the organisation’s policy and responsibilities for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

  • You will;
  • Denote the regulations that submit to a workplace;
  • Supply brief references;
  • You will not need to;
  • Supply complete documents.

2.Understand own responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace

  • You need to provide responses to the assessment criteria. You should relate these responses to a specific workplace situation.



Minimum: 4 credits

Minimum: 2 Units

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