ILM – Management Training for Managers (Development Programme)

Development Programme (35 hours – Minimum contact time 5 days)

This programme is specifically designed to give practising or potential middle managers the foundation for their formal development in this role. It is especially suited to those who are aspiring or seeking promotional prospect to their current position.

The programme has two main pre-requisites:

  • to help delegates in gaining and/or consolidate the knowledge required by a middle manager
  • to enhance their middle management skills

The industry recognised qualification is awarded by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

As a middle manager you will be acutely aware of the constraints you have in operating in your role. Being responsible for a team or teams and then reporting to a senior manager.  We recognises how difficult it can be to communicate effectively across the differing levels. The programme covers how to deal with stressful situations and to be a good role model for your team members. This management programme has been designed using key skills, which pin point the areas of concern within middle management, blow away the common myths. It provide practical solutions and tools which in turn, allows the candidates to gain confidence and an increased awareness in business, the environment legislation, sustainability and to become more effective in their pivotal management role.

This ILM Development programme is identical to the Endorsed programme except candidate will not require to sit for the final examination. On completion of all the modules and courseworks, candidate will receive a certificate from ILM for the management training to demonstarte competency, additional knowledge and skills acquired to become a manager.

Investment in Time and Course Content

This five day programme kicks off a one to six month study period. Within this time candidates will need to complete a minimum of 40 taught hours plus study and research time (3.5 hours a week).
This five day management training programme includes the following areas to help delegates to achieve our ILM-Management Training for Managers Development programme (Equivalent or higher then Level 5).


  • Induction To ILM
  • Coaching & Mentoring and Psychology of Leadership
  • Planning & Developing Robust Business Cases
  • Effective Business Meetings & Business Development
  • Interviewing Skills & Human Resource Issues
  • Environmental & Sustainability and Health & Safety Awareness
  • Improved Advance Communication

Guided Learning Hours: 35

Homework: 2 Days

For further information plase contact us on Cardiff: 0292 1156603 or

freephone 0800 848 8117



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