Intermediate AutoCAD Training

This intermediate AutoCAD training course is designed for the experienced AutoCAD® user who requires additional training. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating, and printing drawings with AutoCAD. This intermediate-level course continues to build on the basic concepts of the AutoCAD Essentials course.

AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to assist with 2D and 3D design. AutoCAD is the leading tool in design and drafting for industries including Engineering, planning, architecture and design. Proficiency in AutoCAD can greatly assist learners in the creation of highly detailed plans and designs in a short period of time.

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Who Should Attend

This intermediate AutoCAD training course has been created for users with experience in using AutoCAD but who want to improve on their abilities. This course goes well with the beginner course.

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This course will cover the following:

  1. Extended Object visibility control
  2. Working with multiple documents
  3. Utility Commands
  4. Creating Layouts & Plotting
  5. Advanced Layouts
  6. Block creation and management

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course learner will be able to:

  1. Create Custom Workspaces
  2. Create Parametric Drawings
  3. Use external References
  4. Annotate Styles
  5. Create advanced Layouts

Course Format

This intermediate AutoCAD training course is a 2 day intensive course that is generally taught in small classes; normally around 3-4 people in a class to give you the maximum exposure to an industry professional. This will enable you to ask the questions that you require and, more importantly, have your questions answered. There is no exam with this course but you will receive homework to complete after every training session.

There are no hidden costs for training. All of our training includes; refreshments, training material, registration and all other related costs.

If you would like any additional information about this course then please contact us on 02921156603 or email

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