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Internships for Businesses

We are working with our European partners to help some of Europe’s top students/graduate to; find work experience, improve their English language, improve their communication skills and develop the professional skills and attitudes that will follow them throughout their career.

Our exchanges are about co-operation, collaboration and mutual benefit. Some of the potential gains for your company include;

Quality Students and Placements

Students that engaged in these exchanges are of the highest caliber and have undergone strict selection criteria. We only send quality students to quality placements. All of our delegates are required to pass a minimum quality standard and all of our placements will provide; quality, safety and avenues of collaboration. This programme will provide quality placement, and will also develop potential business links for all parties involved across Europe and the UK. We keep a close eye on all our placement organisations to make sure that our interns get as much back as they give.

Innovation from Europe

Individuals that come to the UK come from many European organisations and companies. Our delegates bring with them the knowledge and innovations from their countries that can help improve your company and, in-turn, help them to improve and develop. By sharing and collaborating with ideas and innovation, your company and your staff can benefit to no end. Many of our exchange students are educated to a high standard and graduates. We offer the opportunity to take on a highly educated young professional with a slew of ideas and innovations.

Potential Business Avenues

Experienced with Exchanges

Many of our delegates come from European Union countries. These internship gives an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate to branch out into European markets and find new business ventures. Many of the Students will come with their own personal connections and be capable of developing these business ventures whilst on placement and on return to their home country.

Developing such routes of business rely on communication between your company and the interns. You want insight into how our European counterparts operate and into new avenues of business, then, this programme can help you develop your business opportunities.

Lower Costs

As placements are subsidised by the European Social Fund, it is an excellent opportunity to cut labour costs and gain the expertise of a recent graduate. These exchanges offer you an opportunity to take on a member of staff and for them to bring work to your company with the potential to make a job for themselves. If after their placement you would like to hire your intern then you will not need to spend time, money and resources to train them up. In addition to this there is the potential to take on a specialist in an area that you would be interested in a venture in.  The cost saving benefits and the potential gain from these exchanges mean that these exchanges are well worth your time investment.

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