Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

This Interviewing Skills course has been designed to cover the practical skills needed to make recruitment interviews productive, focused and a success. It will allow delegates to understand the stages of the recruitment process and how to conduct an effective interview.  The course will give a better understanding to attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for those candidates who would like to enhance their interviewing skills.

Course Contents:

  1. Understanding of the recruitment processes
  2. Recruitment cost and staff turnover
  3. Causes of poor recruitment
  4. Effective recruitment strategies and practice
  5. The stages of recruitment.
  6. Job description and person profile
  7. Analysing application forms and CV’s
  8. Techniques for opening the interview
  9. Role-play: Interview introduction
  10. Interview Questions
  11. Role-play questioning the candidate
  12. Closing the interview
  13. Final role-play – closing the interview
  14. Interviewing and the law
  15. Action planning
  16. Closing

What will you learn?

This course offers candidates the opportunity to develop these essential skills in interviewing. The course also offers candidates the opportunity to develop and implement these skills in a practical working environment.

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