Introduction to Project Management


Successful Project Management is achieved by the application of sound Principles, Practice, Methodology, Techniques and, above all, People. This course has been developed to provide an overall awareness of the many aspects of Project Management and is specifically aimed at those individuals wanting to gain a quick, but comprehensive, insight into the fundamental aspects of Project Management but without undergoing lengthy in-depth formal qualification-orientated training.

Aims and Objectives:

The aim of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of Project Management and how projects differ from normal “Business As Usual” activities. The course provides an
introduction to the key principles of project management and provides an overview of the techniques which help to deliver projects on Time and to Cost, while achieving the required Quality and Performance criteria of a given project. This process will enable the student to fully understand how such techniques can provide a structured approach to the management of Projects within any industry or business sector.

Course Strategy:

The course features tutor-led presentations linked to a predetermined Case Study to enable students to actively participate in their learning experience by working through a generic Project Management process covering all the fundamental aspects within a workshop environment.

Duration of Course:

The duration of this course is scheduled for one full day.

Intended audience:

The course is intended to benefit those individuals seeking to understand the working practices of Project Management with or without any prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, individuals will have learnt the basis of the Project Management process and the benefits of a structured approach to the management of projects including the general terminology used by the Project Management community.

Following successful conclusion of the course, students who choose to embark on a career in Project Management will have been provided the necessary knowledge upon which to build and develop a much broader and better understanding of the integral elements of the process which will serve as a stepping stone to undertake more formal Project Management Training and qualifications.

For those individuals working on the periphery of projects and/or not wanting to pursue a career in Project Management it will have provided them with a sound working knowledge of the basic principles and terminology used by Project Management professionals.

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