Investors In People

‘Investors in People’ is a proven business improvement framework that can significantly improve financial performance, profitability, productivity and increase employee involvement and focus. Independent research has proved this and our clients, from the smallest to the largest, also agree.

The UK’s Leading Business Improvement Tool

‘Investors in People’ has grown to be the UK’s leading people management business improvement tool because it delivers improved performance to thousands of organisations. Currently almost seven million employees in over 35,000 organisations have achieved ‘Investors in People’ recognition. And an amazing 3,000 of these have been recognised for ten or more years.Call us Now

Investors in People Framework
The ‘Investors in People’ framework has three core principles:

  • Plan: Develop strategies to improve performance
  • Do: Take action to improve performance
  • Review: Evaluate and improve performance

For each of these activities Investors in People provides clear guidance on what you need to be doing to get the best from your people. We recognise that every organisation is unique, but that effective leadership and management always involves motivating, developing, involving and communicating with people. This is not just about getting a badge on the wall, but helping you to address your business issues.

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