Local Internships

For Students

If you are passionate about business or considering starting your own, an internship is a great opportunity to gain some experience with a professional small business owner here in the UK. These internships are for entrepreneurs, aspiring business persons or people with an interest in a particular vocation.

All of our interns are trained and given excellent quality placements. Our placements begin with a training course to help individuals to brush up on their; communication, conduct and business acumen. The duration of the course will depend on the student’s level but generally between 1 and 2 weeks. We focus on the skills that participants will need on their placement making sure that all of our students are prepared for their placement.

If you would like to build skills, confidence and develop your communication skills (e.g. CV writing, interview skills, and personal development then this programme could help you. We are looking for individuals to take part in various internships across South Wales. The placements we offer range from 2-12 weeks but can last longer depending on the placement companies and individual on placement.

For Businesses

Students that engaged in these exchanges are of the highest caliber and have undergone strict selection criteria. We only send quality students to quality placements. All of our delegates are required to pass a minimum quality standard and all of our placements will provide; quality, safety and avenues of collaboration. We keep a close eye on all our placement organisations to make sure that our interns get as much back as they give.

Our exchanges are about co-operation, collaboration and mutual benefit. Some of the potential gains for your company include;

  • Having a high quality worker
  • Gaining a possible new employee
  • Opening up possible new connections
  • Helping the youth of today get into jobs

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