Management Training for Business (SMEs)

ILM Approved Centre LogoSME’s account for 99.9% of all private sector business in the UK and employ over 23 million people. There were over 500,000 new businesses in 2013. These figures are hardly surprising when we consider the difficulty faced by larger firms who were forced to make large numbers redundant and reduce outgoings or risk collapse. New developments in technology like easy access to web development platforms and the limited knowledge required to create a website mean that more people are going it alone. But starting your own business is still a daunting task.

These courses are all about securing the future, that of yourself and your organisation. You may well feel that you are at saturation point with the amount of work that you can physically do at any one time. If this is accepted, then creating an enhanced set of behaviours and adopting them daily will help you feel more effective. We are going to consider the ways in which you can meet the needs of your organisation, your colleagues, the customers, in fact everyone you deal with and manage their every expectation! By now you will all have a considerable amount of experience and in the next few sessions we are going to give you a taste of what you can do differently. We are going to explore your experience, use it and help it to grow, so that you become the next greatest version of yourself, as a professional within your organisation. This management award is equivalent/higher to the ilm – Level 3 module. Our free mentoring and support services allow delegates to understand and develop these key skills required to effectively lead their businesses. This programme will be awarded by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) upon successful completion of all modules and assessments.

Who Should Attend

This management award has been specifically designed for staff working with Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs). This management programme forms a firm foundation on which to build on the candidate’s management career path within their SME’s.

Course Content:

This course will cover the following :

  • Induction to ilm
  • Where Is Present Performance Coming From
  • Gap Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Knowing Me Knowing You
  • Positive Language
  • Reacting With Strength Not Power
  • Business Development and Marketing Strategy

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course learners will be able to :

  • Knowledge of ILM
  • How to improve your performance as a manager
  • Where you can improve yourself (Qualifications, training etc)
  • How to develop the business
  • How to react to certain situations

35 hours taught plus study and research time (1.5 hours a week)

Course Format

This course can be delivered as a Developmental (28 GLH) or Endorsed programme (35-70 GLH) and is delivered over 4-5 days. Upon completion learners will be awarded a certificate from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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