Managing Stress

Professional Mental Health Training for Staff and Clients

Stress is defined by the Health and Safety Executive as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands placed on them.”

The Managing Stress course helps identify the causes and effects of stress. Participants will learn practical skills to help manage their stress more effectively.

Duration: 6 weeks – 6 sessions of 2 hours per week

Maximum class size: 12 delegates per group

Main aims of The Course: to understand and identify stress, to help participants apply new techniques for dealing with stress, help them to challenge their own unhelpful thinking patters, to understand how they maintain their own stress in everyday life.

Main objectives of The Course: Be able to understand what stress is, identify causes and effects of stress, write and achieve personal SMART goals in relation to stress, recognise relaxation techniques, apply strategies to become assertive.

In the end of the Course each participant will be awarded by Attendance Certificate.

Course outline:

Week 1

  • What is stress/stress management?
  • Causes and effects of stress – normal reactions to stress
  • SMART goals

Week 2

  • The stress cycle – the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • How stress is maintained
  • Thought diaries

Week 3

  • Challenging unhelpful thinking
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Introduction to relaxation

Week 4

  • Strategies for being assertive
  • Charter of acceptable behaviour
  • Problem solving

Week 5

  • Time management
  • Weekly planning
  • Cheering ourselves up – enjoyable thinks to do
  • Getting support from other people

Week 6

  • Planning for the future
  • Revisiting expectations – have these been met ?


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