Understanding Marketing for Managers Module


Marketing is a necessity for some managers, but many don’t know the ins and outs of marketing, if you’re one of these people this could be the course for you. You will by the end of the course understand marketing both from a client and managers point of view, and be able to state what sort of marketing you will be doing in your job role.


1.Understand sustainability and corporate social responsibility

2.Understand environmental issues affecting the organisation and how these issues can be managed

3. Understand the constraints and opportunities of an organisation’s building(s) in being environmentally friendly

  • Delegates will;
  • Explain a marketing concept and the relevance to your own corporation/business;
  • Highlight how it changes your role as a manager;
  • Look into the marketing strategy and indentify elements used by an organisation;
  • Include a summary of the mixture of marketing used in relation to on of their products/services;
  • Show the links between that mix and a recognised marketing model.
  • Complete a SWOT analysis of your organisation;
  • Make sure it shows all the correct strengths and weaknesses;
  • Show weaknesses and strengths from a customers view point;
  • Get the correct opportunities and threats present in the SWOT analysis.



Minimum: 4 credits

Minimum: 2 Units

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