Negotiation Skills – The Secret to a Successful Deal


How many times have you felt like you should have had a better business deal, but didn’t know how to do it?

How many times have you had the feeling that you paid too much for something because you had no other choice?

The secret to a successful deal is knowing how to negotiate effectively. Negotiating is not always about price. Successful negotiation is not about you winning at the expense of the other party. Successful negotiation is about how to make the other party understand your side of things, because they feel that you understand their side of things!

Objective:management and Leadership training available

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Understand the traits and behaviour styles of a successful negotiator

• Learn how to plan and prepare for negotiation

• Recognise and avoid negotiation traps

• Know their behavioural and conflict management styles

• Know how to analyse the other party’s power positions

• Learn how to use interpersonal skills to enhance the negotiating climate

• Learn how to use creativity to improve a negotiation outcome

• Know how to read non-verbal gestures

• Learn how to recognise pressure tactics, and how to defend against them

• Know how to conclude negotiated agreements that stand the test of time

Who Should Attend?

This is for salespeople, purchasing staff and managers who want to structure better, more effective ‘negotiated’ outcomes.

Course Contents:

• Fundamentals of Negotiation

• Negotiation Styles

• Preparation

• Bidding for the ‘Best Bargain’

• Understanding various cues and signals

• Effective Communication

• Personality & Negotiation

• Negotiation Tactics

• Settling the Deal

Approach & Duration

The day will be made up of Presentations, Case Studies, as well as individual and group exercises including ‘role-play’.

Course duration:

2 days (09:00 to 16:30)


Our trainers and facilitators are: George Savva and Dr Glen Paterson

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