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Payroll Year End (March – May)

  1. sageRoutines Before running the end of year (know how to identify and correct errors)
  2. Reports printing & reconciliation (P11s, P32 and P35)
  3. Routines DURING the Year End (understand Payroll Y/E procedure and how to ensure all appropriate checks are completed)
  4. Understand the different statutory forms and when they need to be submitted
  5. Internet Submission (using Sage Line 50 Payroll and HMRC website)
  6. Distributing your Year End Returns (P35, P14/P60)
  7. Deadlines and penalties
  8. Know how to get ready and process your payroll in the new tax year

Construction Industry Scheme Tax – Introduction to CIS

  1. Contractor’s responsibilities
  2. Employment Status
  3. Tax deductions procedures and rates
  4. Contract and non-contract payments
  5. CIS300 Monthly Return
  6. Keeping Records
  7. Deadlines and penalties

Sage line 50 Accounts – Preparing for the Financial Year End

A general housekeeping course on bookkeeping checks and reconciliations that need to be performed on a monthly/quarterly basis necessary for the Financial Year End:

  1. Reconciling customers and suppliers accounts
  2. Reconciling the bank including Year End timing adjustments
  3. Checking & reconciling the VAT Account
  4. Reconciling the Payroll Account
  5. Checking nominal accounts for discrepancies
  6. Balancing the cash account


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