Our Candidate Support Offer

Candidate Support

What can we offer for you?

At CCW-Training Academy we strive to offer the highest quality training possible for our candidates. Our tutors have up to date relevant experience, skills and professional qualifications which are essential to our training courses. Our training rooms are set out specifically for small class sizes so that our tutor to student ration average is 1:6 per cohort.

We will take you through a training course and provide additional support (if required) to coach you and help you achieve your goals.  We believe that our job isn’t complete because the training has finished, we will continue to assist you, improving your confidence including motivation and making you feel empowered to build upon your learning.

If you’re not in employment we can offer you support to get you back on your feet and into employment. We offer free interview and CV support for anyone who is training with us. This alongside the confidence building offered in the training sessions will help you to gain employment in the shortest time possible.

Our after training support is open to all our clients, if you just want to come in to seek help in applying for a new job we can help you. We also offer support through our Google Portal. We have a variety of Google Portals devoted to different subjects; i.e. if you take a management course you can gain access to our management Google Portal. Our portals have a lot of useful information, materials, examples (If you’re doing an assessment) and exercises to ensure you remember everything that was covered during the training.

If you’re training with us you will not be just another number, we will help you to ensure that you have the best chance of achieving your goals.


If you are interested in any of our services, be that coaching, candidate support or training then please contact us either by phoning 029 21 156 603 or email Info@CareerChangeWales.co.uk

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