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Online and Skype Based Training: COVID-19 Precaution

Due to the coronavirus threat we are now offering all of our courses via Skype video calls and conferencing. This will be at no additional charge to our regular course prices. The only difference is that we are not in physical contact with each other. This will still be tutor lead training, and you will be sent the training materials via email. We have additional information such as training materials, videos etc that we can offer free of charge from our online training portal.

For the Skype call training you will need to have a laptop and a free Skype account. If you do not have a Skype account, we can help you to setup one.

Assertiveness and Influencing Skills

This fresh and exciting look at a critical topic for the business professional has been written to take advantage of a greater understanding of human behaviour.

General Appraisal Skills

This course is suitable for those candidates who would like to understand about general appraisal skills. The course offers you the opportunity to develop skills appropriate to undertake professional staff appraisal in an office working environment.

Motivational Techniques

Motivating staff is a key part of any manager’s role. This practical workshop helps delegates to establish practical strategies to motivate their team for optimum performance, no matter how testing the times.

Creative Management

You know you need to do something different. Maybe it’s a new product or service you want to develop, or to develop your strategy. You need to generate ideas, but how do you get people to be creative?

Personal Impact – Creating The Desire To Grow

It allows delegates to first accept the concept of taking ‘time out’ to explore everything that makes them unique. It enables them to truly understand the way humans interact and respond to events in their lives.

Risk Assessment Training

This course is designed for anyone with a responsibility to conduct general risk assessments. It is particularly useful for managers & supervisors, but equally beneficial to individual workers, team leaders, technicians, engineers and others who contribute to the risk assessment process.

Team Building

The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team. All coaches talk about working as one unit, as a unified team. Teamwork and unselfishness create the backbone of a great team, without them a team cannot realistically compete.

Introduction to Public Inquiries and HearingsPersonal development training Cardiff

This course will provide an overview of the Public Inquiry and Hearing process for Planning Appeals, Orders and Local Highway Proposals. The course will identify the legal background to the inquiry, preparation for the inquiry, key points of protocol and the Inspector’s Report.

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