Presentation Skills for All Professionals (1 day)

The Course Concepttrainingpic

Excellent and professional presentation skills are an essential tool for modern business. You reflect yourself, your team and your business when you deliver a message, however short or seemingly unimportant.

Too many presentation skills courses focus on encouraging people to bolt onto themselves a veneer of uncomfortable skills, visual aids and plastic confidence. Not All About You! – We focus our course on braving the natural fear of presentations, playing to your real strengths, listening to your imagination, removing the ego from the training room and using your key tools … your audience and your ingenuity.

Elements of the Course

  • We start again … how should you feel? How do you match your objectives to those of the audience? What are the natural alternatives to this presentation?
  • Braving the fear – how to deal with the stress and the trauma of presentations. There can be no chance of failure if you look upon the presentation in a different way…
  • ‘What does your imagination say?’ – the key question in all presentations
  • Breaking down the barriers (both personal and business) to greater confidence and skills in delivering presentations
  • Take away the ego and focus on the audience – self-actualised presentations
  • A fresh look at the set-up, the materials, the props, the visual aids and the preparation of the presentation. The No.1 prop introduced – you and your audience
  • Feedback and follow up – how to manage it

Benefits of Attending

  • A course that involves the delegates in an individual way. The result is a number of genuinely useful techniques to improve performance, confidence and presentation skills
  • A safe environment to explore your imagination, your individuality and your sense of what is right … and the way to put it all together in a ‘personal action plan’ that will work in all situations


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