Principles of Bookkeeping

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This course will give delegates a good foundation in bookkeeping and its underlying principles. It will cover all the essential aspects of bookkeeping, from petty cash to bank reconciliation and touching on other important aspects including VAT, double entry bookkeeping and general good practices such as basic filing. The course is delivered and designed by practicing accountants and accounting consultants so expect quality tutors and teaching.

This course will cover

  1. Petty Cash – how it works and what measures are needed to implement it.
  2. Cash Book – Explains why you should keep as cash book and how to write it up.
  3. Bank Reconciliation – Covers how to balance a bank account with a cash book. Why it is important to do so and troubleshooting when they do not balance.
  4. Introduction to Trial Balance – An explanation as to what they are and why they are needed with a practical exercise to demonstrate what as been learned so far.
  5. Source Documentation – How to build an audit trail.
  6. The accounting equation – Students learn the equation and how it applies to bookkeeping.
  7. Double entry and T accounts – An introduction as to what debit and credit cards are.
  8. Basic Filing – how best to file and group documents
  9. Sales and Purchase Day Books – what they are and how to write them up
  10. Debtors and Creditors and their Control Accounts – understanding what these are and how they link up.
  11. Understanding the basics of VAT – this covers different VAT schemes, VAT rates, VAT stagger groups and most importantly, what VAT is and how it affects businesses and individuals.
  12. ‘Carried Down’ and ‘Brought Down’ – what do they mean and what’s the difference.
  13. Summary of the day.

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