Project Management Made Simple


This course is designed for anyone working, or intending to work, in a project team, and want to see an increasing management component to their work. The course will equip you with general project management skills to help you to deal with problems that can occur in any field of work.

Course Aims:

This course aims to provide you with an understanding and basic awareness of what project management comprises of and how projects differ from normal work activities. Topics include project initiation, risk, estimating contracts, planning, project execution, and close-out.

Course Outline:

You will learn and understand the essential phases of a project and how best to prepare for each one:

  • Defining the scope early and identifying stakeholders throughout the lifecycle
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of your team members
  • How to perform effective scheduling, budgeting and critical path analysis
  • Managing change without jeopardising your chances of success
  • Learning some key risk management techniques
  • Understanding why best practices and innovation is important
  • Communicating lessons learned to instil continuous improvement

Delivery Methodology:

  • Presentations by tutor.
  • Workshops and case studies.
  • Feedback activity.

Benefits for attendees:

  • Good overview of the methods and tools of project management.
  • Enables candidates to anticipate and cope with some of the problems encountered during a Project Life Cycle.

Intended for:

Graduates or anyone working in a project team.

Course Duration:

1 Day

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