Project Planning Skills

Primavera 6

Primavera 6 is a portfolio management software designed to help project-intensive organisations manage their portfolio by providing complex and detailed graphical and informational data about the project being managed.

Business Planningglasses on paper

The aim of this course is to enable participant to learn skills for putting together strategic business plans for any type of organisation.

Negotiation Skills – Secrets to a Successful Deal

How many times have you felt like you should have had a better business deal, but didn’t know how to do it? This course aims to help people to better negotiate and agree to terms.

Time Management

Time management creates a false impression because time cannot be managed: we can only manage ourselves and our use of time. So time management is actually self management, and all time management skills can be learned.

Project Management Made Simple

This course is designed for anyone working, or intending to work, in a project team, and want to see an increasing management component to their work. The course will equip you with general project management skills to help you to deal with problems that can occur in any field of work.

Introduction to Project Management

Successful Project Management is achieved by the application of sound Principles, Practice, Methodology, Techniques and, above all, People. This course has been developed to provide an overall awareness of the many aspects of Project Management and is specifically aimed at those individuals wanting to gain a quick, but comprehensive, insight into the fundamental aspects of Project Management.

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