Sage 50 Accounts Report Designer


Upon completion of this course delegates will understand how to fully customise reports and how to amend layouts of reports.

  1. Introduction – amending and saving existing report
  2. Creating a new report – manually
  3. Creating a new report – using the wizard
  4. Using Expressions and snippets
  5. Grouping and totalling data (The ‘Keep Together’ option)
  6. adding groups and totals using the wizard
  7. Suppressing duplicates
  8. Creating filters
  9. Editing group expressions (character breaks, filtering zero values)
  10. Adding criteria
  11. Printing criteria on the report
  12. Applying multiple sub-totals
  13. Dealing with unwanted sections
  14. Conditional formatting
  15. Adding tables and performing a join
  16. Invoice layouts
  17. Inserting pictures
  18. Emailing reports
  19. Creating letters

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